Mobile jammers are very popular among people all over the world

Our world is full of useful gadgets. If you find inconvenience, someone will invent a mechanical solution. Consider electric toothbrushes, automatic mixing cups, and even laser-guided scissors. Is there a problem? There is a mobile cell phone jammer gadget that is very popular.

This handy travel cell phone jammer gadget can be clipped to the front passenger’s tray table to prevent the seat from reclining into your legroom. The gadget that costs £13 can still be found on and comes with a "courtesy card" that can be presented to passengers in front of you to tell them that you are using a paperclip.

Last Sunday, United Airlines Flight 1462 was grounded after it was rowing in mid-air between two passengers. One passenger was blocked by another passenger in a recliner, and the other passenger refused to use the knee guard and the phone jammer. The gadget moved away from the seat. Grumpy, the water splashed, the flight diverted, and both were arrested.

Several airlines have already banned the use of Knee Defender and other gadgets... But who doesn't want to protect their precious leg length? If there are no other gadgets that are so controversial that may be morally questionable, they might make your life easier? These are six other devices that we sometimes hope we can use.

1. High-speed gun jammer

In theory, the LiDAR speedometer used by the police to detect the speed of a moving car can be blocked by laser jamming devices, although this is legally illegal. The wavelength of the light generated by the laser jammer is the same as the signal of the speed gun, and the intensity is higher, so there is nothing it can do. Disruptors have legal rights-but many owners have been fined or accused of misrepresenting justice. So don't bother. Just watch its action.

2. Mobile phone jammer

This gadget prevents your phone from receiving signals from nearby base stations, thereby preventing people around you from making or receiving calls. Oh, the next time we were on a train, and we decided to use one of the cell jammers, someone decided to broadcast his conversation. Unfortunately, in the UK, blocking cell phone transmission is illegal. However, the use of this technology in prisons is theoretically meaningless, because prisoners are not allowed to carry mobile phones...

3. iPhone shockproof holster

This is an American invention: a smart phone protective case that can turn your phone into a stun gun. This personal attack system, called the "Yellow Jacket", has a 650k electrode, which the manufacturer claims can "stop aggressive adult men." It has a safety hook to ensure that the electrodes cannot be accidentally activated in the pocket. Unfortunately, for those who like the sound of such messy gadgets, mobile phone jackets/weapons are illegal in the UK and the owner will be sentenced to five years in prison.

4. iTrip

iTrip plugs in an iPod and allows music to be broadcast to nearby radios. Its range is not particularly large, but you can prevent neighbors from using Radio 4. According to the 1949 "Wireless Telegraph Act", this is illegal.

5.Google Glass

It is still in the prototype stage, but Google Glass is already facing the threat of being banned in the UK. Wearable technology allows users to take photos, record videos and access the Internet in the blink of an eye. Cinemas already want to ban this equipment. According to a survey, one in five Britons worry about privacy violations and personal data access. The British data privacy regulator warned that if Google Glass conducts general sales, it may violate the Data Protection Act.