Mobile jammers must be used without affecting others

What can mobile jammers be used for?

Retailers can use cell phone jammer to prevent you from comparing prices in stores. This may help retailers increase sales.

In some rooms that need to be quiet or avoid interference, cell phone jammers may also be useful. For example, you can prevent cell phones from ringing during movie screenings or when young people are chatting at school.

Criminals may use cell phone jammers to interfere with wireless alarm systems and other radio links, and prevent emergency calls from being made via cellular networks.

Is it possible to use cell phone jammers?

Within the European Union, the use and sale of such cell phone blockers is prohibited. Use may result in a fine of up to 1,000 Euros. If a cell phone jammer interferes with an emergency call, the fine may be higher. In some European countries, jammers have been approved by the authorities. This equipment is sometimes used in French cinemas and theaters. But in Germany, this is strictly regulated: anyone who wants to use radio frequencies needs to be allocated according to the Telecommunications Act. Even the import of such equipment is prohibited and strictly controlled. The equipment was then confiscated-and a hefty fine was imposed.