Mobile jammers can easily block mobile networks

In these cases, there are several problems: First, the radius of action of the suppressor is uncontrollable, beyond the certain range of the meter that they can affect, and therefore may harm users who are not on-site. Examination room. On the other hand, banning all frequencies used in mobile devices is not an easy task because they will vary according to the operator of each mobile device, and even WiFi or Bluetooth networks can be used for communication.

Another improper use of mobile cell phone jammer is robbery at home or elsewhere. Alarms connected to mobile networks have become popular recently because they are easy to install and inexpensive. In this case, the problem is that thieves may be robbed by anti-theft devices (usually the alarm uses the 900 MHz frequency band), so the alarm cannot communicate with the center.

Fortunately, the alert company has realized that using traditional mobile networks is susceptible to interference from mobile cell phone jammers (as we will see below, it is easily accessible via the Internet). Therefore, the first thing they suggest is to either install a siren that communicates over a fixed network, which is obviously susceptible to cable cuts, or use a network such as Sigfox, which is practically impossible thanks to the use of ultra-narrow frequencies Suppressed.

Given that cell phone jammers (and those we haven’t mentioned) are not friendly to use, the authorities must support the use of these devices. A report is clear from the central dedicated security device of the Ministry of the Interior, if we can use inhibitors:

"Mobile cell phone jammers devices can only be used by security forces and agencies and authorized public management agencies. Therefore, at present, all devices used outside the scope of this exception must be clearly authorized by the Ministry of Defense. Telecommunication countries are not included in the current law. Therefore, the competent authority can adopt the corresponding sanction system in the case of a complaint filed in advance.”

It is obvious from the previous words that only the national security forces can take advantage of these obstacles. In fact, if we do not pay attention to these words in the General Telecommunications Act, we will be sanctioned. If it is a serious infringement, it will start from 500,000 euros; if The declaration is a very serious infringement, starting from 20 million euros.