Raspberry Pi 2 Cell Phone Blocker

During a Tuesday morning meeting, while you were joking about your new boss, your colleague's smartphone was quietly placed on the table, and every word you said was recorded. Later that night, when you were flirting with the waitress in the restaurant and made an innocent joke, someone recorded the entire interaction. At first glance, nothing seems to stop this from happening again and again. Millions of smartphones around the world mean that millions of activity recording devices are available to capture every word or every action at any time. Once these recordings are complete, you can publish your photos, videos, or audio to the Internet and share them with everyone. Maybe there is a way to prevent them all from happening? let's see. Some people might be smart enough to make an invisibility cloak like a fantasy movie. Or, the company is using James Bond movie cues to develop a high-tech Raspberry Pi 2 Cell Phone Blocker that lets you roam public places without worrying about privacy.

The main function of a mobile phone is to make calls. The most important thing when making a phone call is the cell phone signal. Many places, such as public places and homes, have WiFi wireless networks. This is an amplification of the cell phone signal function. I think a lot of people know about Raspberry Pi 2 Cell Phone Blocker , but not many people know how cell phone jammer works. With the rapid development of mobile communication networks and the continuous expansion of network coverage, wireless communication relies on the propagation of electromagnetic waves to establish communication links. With the continuous development of various buildings and traffic roads, blocked by buildings. In some large buildings and many basements, such as shopping malls, restaurants, home improvement, entertainment venues, etc., wireless communication has some weaknesses and cannot meet the needs of customers.