The Surrounding Communication Will Be Affected When The Electronic Device Is Running

Many citizens have encountered such a problem that the mobile phone is normal but cannot answer or make calls. Everyone's first thought is that there is a problem with the network, but it is not necessarily true. Recently, a kind of "mobile phone jammer" quietly sold in Hefei also has "magical effects." Related investigations show that as long as the cell phone jammer works, the normal communication of residents within one or two kilometers will also be affected.

Phone can't dial out

Mr. Wen, a citizen who lives near Shuanggang, recently discovered that standing on his balcony to make mobile phone calls is always not smooth, either unable to make calls, or the calls are intermittent. After changing different mobile phones successively and unable to improve, Mr. Wen complained to the operator. The result of the inspection found that it was not a network problem, but a nearby gas station installed a "mobile jammer" in consideration of safety issues. The "mobile phone jammer" in the gas station works continuously on weekdays to ensure that the gas station will not cause fire and explosion hazards due to the use of mobile phones, but Mr. Wen's home, a few hundred meters away from the gas station, was also disturbed.

You can buy jammers for 200 yuan online

Log in to the Internet and find that you enter "mobile phone jammer" in the search engine, and you can immediately display many related product sales information. The reporter contacted the office of a Beijing technology company (Hefei) and learned that it sold four or five types of mobile phone jammers, and the scope of application covers examination rooms, gas stations, courts, etc., and the largest can be restricted from the launching station (base station) 800 meters away , And a cell phone signal within 200 meters in diameter. When the reporter asked whether there was a need for review procedures when purchasing, the sales staff said that they only need to pay, and the cheapest "mobile phone jammer" only costs 200 yuan.