Traduction Cell Phone Jammer

When someone hears about cell phone jammers, your first overall impression may be negative. After all, why would anyone want to block the communication of mobile phone users? In fact, there are indeed many reasons to consider using Traduction Cell Phone Jammer in various settings. Wireless Spy Camera Jammer allows you to turn off the call frequency of mobile-related network service providers no matter where you are, without turning off your phone to keep it away from incoming calls, signals and visitors. If the recipient is not within the network coverage, the tone of the voice message from the relevant network service provider will be automatically emitted. In fact, cell phone jammer devices are not intended to cause any harm. In fact, even if you block the cell phone signal, the emergency service frequency will not be interrupted. Therefore, please use signal jammers to keep people in your building or facility safe, while providing you and your customers with the peace and tranquility they deserve. cell phone jammer The performance of 3G/4G mobile phone jammers available to the general public is quite limited. The type of blocking radio wave can interfere with radio waves up to 2.4Ghz, but can no longer interfere with radio waves. Also, as the name suggests, the type of sound that is hard to hear does not mean that you can completely mute your voice by making it hard to hear. You may need a license to use the scrambler, some models can send Traduction Cell Phone Jammer . To enable this powerful interfering radio, you must obtain permission from a third-class professional terrestrial radio technician to use it. Violations of the Radio Law will be severely punished if used by undocumented personnel with interference model qualifications. If using your cell phone on a bus or train is morally unethical, please do not bring cell phone jammers into your car, and use them just to avoid them. As a measure to prevent eavesdropping, there are plans to install interference in homes and offices, but the locations where interference can be installed and where interference can be used are limited.