Vehicle Cell Phone Blocker Blocks Signals From Three Major Carriers

In wireless communication, a sufficient carrier-to-interference ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) must be guaranteed to receive and complete the communication effectively. Mobile communication Vehicle Cell Phone Blocker is to destroy the reception conditions of the mobile phone and cut off the communication connection between the mobile phone and the base station by generating interference signals of the same frequency as the mobile phone. achieve the effect of blocking communication. An associate professor at Southeast University's School of Cyberspace Security explained that cell phone jammer needs two conditions to use a mobile phone to start a fire at a gas station. One is that the concentration of the oil and gas mixture on site must reach a certain proportion, and the other is that the power of the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone is large enough to generate sparks on the circuit.

Vehicle Cell Phone Blocker

In theory, it is possible to make a phone call at a gas station or use other functions of a mobile phone to cause a gas explosion, but in real life, this probability is very low. As long as we keep the payment site away from air guns, the risk factor is reduced. : "But in real life, our phones have a limited transmit power. So now their maximum power is nowhere near producing sparks. Our phones are basically touch-enabled smartphones these days. Compared to the old-- Older phone, this phone is safer to use because it doesn't have some mechanical operation, so it's less likely to generate sparks." Vehicle Cell Phone Blocker Appearance Perfect solution to this century's problem.