Phone Call Scrambler

During class, many students using mobile phones in schools (especially high schools) has become a major problem. Steve Gray, the principal of Hardy Middle School on Vancouver Island, bought a cell phone jammer from an online distributor in China. Given that the school has banned the use of mobile phones and the children are still using mobile phones, he said he must try several methods.

He also pointed out that it is very important to control students' use of mobile phones. Because they may be actions ranging from cyberbullying to providing answers to certain cyber vulnerabilities. Mobile phone call scrambler jammers can effectively prevent students from contacting these behaviors.

Therefore, the use of mobile phone call scrambler jammers is not only disadvantageous, but also beneficial to use in special places. A mobile phone call scrambler jammer can easily prevent a mobile phone from working. You can take the phone call scrambler jammer anywhere and hide it in your wallet or pocket. Do you know how simple classroom cell phone interference works? Therefore, when using the WiFi module, you don't have to worry about yourself or others in danger.