Blocking Students’ Habit Of Using Mobile Phones In Class

Resisting playing in class, installing a mobile phone jammer to shield the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone signals is harmful to parents. "The child's classroom was installed with a mobile phone jammer. At first I thought it was used to prevent students from cheating during the high school entrance examination, but it is still in use. "A few days ago, a parent of a third-year student in a well-known middle school in Haidian District told reporters that many parents in this school are worried that electromagnetic waves emitted by such mobile cell phone jammer will endanger their children's health.

Parents worry that electromagnetic waves will harm their children’s health. Online posts about “mobile jammers” in the “Parent Discussion Community” surrounding this middle school are hot, and dozens of posts express their views on the school’s practices. A netizen who claimed to be a parent said that the school cleaner had told her that cell phone jammers were installed in every classroom. In the school corridor, her cell phone signal was only two bars, and it was full when it came out; the child said that there was no cell phone signal at all during the three days of the mid-term exam. It must have increased the interference during the exam, but there is still interference now. As parents, we must be alert to such harm."

Another netizen said, "The basic principle of this kind of instrument is to use electromagnetic waves to interfere with mobile phone signals, so that short-distance and long-term electromagnetic wave emission can damage the body. Once the quality of the equipment is defective, the consequences will be serious. Moreover, mobile phones As long as the Power of the jammer equipment is increased (electromagnetic waves are strong), the interference effect will be good. Unscrupulous manufacturers generally use this method to reduce costs." School Statement

The jammer is at a distance from the classroom "The jammer is not installed in the classroom, but at the two ends of the corridor, two on each floor." Yesterday, the person in charge of the school’s audio-visual education center said that the mobile phone jammer was a distance from the classroom. The distance far exceeds the requirement of at least half a meter away from people in the manufacturer's instructions. According to reports, the school once required students and teachers in class not to turn on their mobile phones. The main purpose of installing a mobile phone jammer is to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones during the exam. Later, considering that many students use mobile phones to send text messages and surf the Internet during class, some teachers’ mobile phones will also ring in class, so consider using jammers to shield these mobile phone signals to ensure the quality of teaching.

The person in charge also said that after a while, the school will turn off mobile jammers when students are used to not using mobile phones in class. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission stated that the installation of mobile phone jammers is an individual act. "The installation of mobile phone jammers is the school's own behavior, and the education authority has no specific regulations on this." The person in charge of the relevant department of the Municipal Education Commission said yesterday that whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful has yet to be tested. Expert opinion: Low Power will not affect the body. Engineer Du Binggui of the Electromagnetic Room of Beijing Radiation Environment Management Center said in an interview that the mobile phone jammer placed in the corridor is a low-Power device, and the electromagnetic radiation range of this jammer is only a few dozen. Rice will not harm the health of teachers and students.