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Regardless of whether the test is professional or wide, training and improving the ability of senior commanders to lead troops to win battles, and setting up a clear orientation of training officers first and officers first training generals are the same purpose of the above two assessments. However, general training is different from training soldiers. The training of soldiers is on the front line of the battlefield, with controllable intensity and obvious results. But with regard to the training and assessment of senior cadres in the headquarters, how can it not become a mere formality, so that the commanders who are tested really pay attention to it? In fact, this is a difficult problem facing the military in how to "break away from formalism." Political knowledge and opinion have noticed that the two assessments have different methods. As the leader of the front-line army, what do the commanders and command teams of the group army care most about? It is undoubtedly his prestige in front of the officers and soldiers in the army. Without prestige, how about leading soldiers to fight. In last year’s military commander evaluation, the entire examination process was broadcast live. The commanders Build My Own Cell Phone Jammer appeared in the army’s main venue and 24 branch venues in front of more than 3,600 officers and soldiers through video at the command post of their respective units. It can be said that the officers and soldiers know at a glance whether the command teams of the various army groups have true skills. cell phone jammer

From the personal perspective of military leaders, what do they care about? According to Zheng Zhijian, there is no need to shy away from personal promotion, future ambitions, and a broader platform for serving the country. In this year’s assessment, the army leaders revealed that the assessment results will be entered into the archives, into the promotion assessment, and into the merit assessment, as an important basis for future inspections and use of cadres. At the same time, Zhengzhijian noticed that the two assessments have formed a special "invigilation" team to ensure that the assessment is professional and fair. In this year's assessment, experts and professors from the National Defense University and the Army Commission for Discipline Inspection formed a monitoring team to supervise the entire assessment process. In the military commander’s assessment last year, the army organs formed 13 discipline inspection and supervision teams to supervise the whole process at the examination site, and Build My Own Cell Phone Jammer , security cabinets were also used on site.