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As an important part of military vocational education, the military self-study examination is the main form of continuing education for military personnel, and it plays an important role in improving the scientific and cultural quality of military officers and soldiers and their ability to perform their duties. The adjusted and reformed military self-study examination management system and operation mode have been recognized by the majority of officers and soldiers. In the past year, more than 10,000 candidates in the army have obtained undergraduate and junior college degree certificates. Candidates for the military self-study exams are relatively scattered, with a wide range of majors, and different learning progress. In order to facilitate the management of the army, academies, and test centers according to their responsibilities, the entire military will uniformly organize information system management authority distribution from this year, and provide customized push to the military, academies and test centers. Examination data information, Cell Phone Signal Jammer Range Promote the deep integration of teaching, examination and management on the basis of security and confidentiality, and promote the overall improvement of management efficiency through data integration. cell phone jammer

In order to facilitate self-study by the majority of officers and soldiers on duty, relevant departments have actively carried out education assistance services. Give full play to the supporting role of information technology, optimize and upgrade the structure and content of the business website, dynamically release course examination syllabus, teaching assistant information, examination information and epidemic prevention requirements, and open up a column to answer questions online. The military vocational education service platform has launched 118 military training courses with military characteristics, introduced 120 military and civilian general courses, and released 221 courses over the years with real exam questions, and diversified services for candidates to study and prepare. In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the competent departments at all levels coordinated the organization of examinations and epidemic prevention guidance, and implemented the examination standard requirements in terms of venues and personnel, and the epidemic prevention and control and service guarantees were advanced simultaneously. Adhering to the national education examination standards, each examination room is equipped with high-definition video surveillance, Cell Phone Signal Jammer Range and metal detectors, and 44 examination sites use test service support terminal equipment to strengthen the management of key links such as candidate identification, test paper circulation, and examination room information recording.