Buy A Cell Phone Signal Jammer

How to control the use of mobile phones by students, how to establish the balance between learning and entertainment... This seems to have always been a difficult problem facing parents and schools. Buy A Cell Phone Signal Jammer Is installed on the campus and turned on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night. However, some residents living in Shijiayuan Garden in Fuyang said that when they used their mobile phones at home, the signal was not stable, and it was suspected to be related to the school's mobile phone signal jammer. According to the Radio Administration, cell phone jammers are a type of radio station and cannot be installed in schools without approval. It must be admitted that the original intention of the school to install signal jammers and shield students' mobile phones at night is to overcome some students' "mobile phone dependence" and make mobile phones truly return to the standard of communication and learning tools. However, the author believes that the method of forcing students to "separate man and machine" is improper. It is an education method that seeks quick success and benefits. It may work in the short term, but it is difficult to achieve the long-term expected goal. cell phone jammer

Using signal jammers to shield students' mobile phones, shielding their right to use mobile phones, but not mobile phone dependence. It is better for the school to take active measures to guide students to correct their learning attitudes, choose a healthy lifestyle, and let students slowly bid farewell to the "head bowers" in a subtle way. On July 7 this year, a 2012 undergraduate majoring in Administration and Management from the School of Economics and Management of Xidian University calmly walked into the examination room. She habitually took out her mobile phone and said, "Oh? What's the matter, there is no signal!" Looking up, On the podium in front of the classroom, Yitai Buy A Cell Phone Signal Jammer is working. The placement of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room is a microcosm of Xidian's strict undergraduate education and teaching work this year. Since the undergraduate education quality improvement work conference was held in May this year, and the "Several Opinions on Further Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education" was issued, whether it is classroom teaching, final examination, or graduation design and other key links, the undergraduate education and teaching of Xidian University The face is undergoing profound changes.