Expert Cell Phone Jammer Circuit

Recently, the radio management agency of Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, in cooperation with the Kaijiang County and Wanyuan City Economic and Information Bureau, promptly investigated and dealt with multiple Expert Cell Phone Jammer Circuit , ensuring the normal operation of 44 mobile base stations in Dazhou urban areas, counties and cities. Highly affirmed by the local people. Previously, Dazhou No Regulatory Agency received interference complaints from mobile companies that 44 base stations in the main urban areas of Dazhou, Kaijiang County, and Wanyuan City suffered severe external interference. At the same time, they received multiple complaints from users about slow Internet access, difficulty in making calls, and The call is intermittent. The mobile company has successively sent technicians from the network department to the site to carry out multiple rounds of carpet inspections, but to no avail, so it requested the radio management department to help eliminate interference. cell phone jammer

In response to the wide area, high impact, tight time, and heavy tasks of the public mobile communication network, the Dazhou Radio Management Agency immediately organized administrative law enforcement personnel and technical personnel together with the mobile company staff to rush to Kaijiang County and Tongtong County. Interference on-site monitoring was carried out in Chuan and Dachuan districts. Through the monitoring of direction finding and electromagnetic environment data analysis, four sources of interference were quickly identified: the full frequency band Expert Cell Phone Jammer Circuit of the Kaijiang County Detention Center, and the mobile phone signal amplifier of the Bashan Painting Academy in Tongchuan District, Dachuan District. Subsequently, the monitoring personnel found working mobile phone signal jammers in many classrooms of Wanyuan Middle School, and a mobile phone signal amplifier was found in Wanyuan Qingsong Ming Building. The Dazhou radio management agency issued the "Notice of Ordering Rectification" to the parties on the spot, publicized the relevant radio management regulations to the persons involved, and informed them of the hazards and legal responsibilities of privately installed cell phone signal amplifiers and cell phone jammers. So far, many cases of public mobile communication interference have been effectively eliminated.