Dod Cell Phone Jammer Rules

Cheating methods are generally divided into two types: "sound conduction" and "text conduction". When more and more methods have been cracked, there will still be endless tools appearing. In order to prevent cheating, examination rooms in many places no longer allow stationery or tools such as rubbers and watches to enter the venue. At the same time, anti-cheating methods are becoming more and more advanced. The invisible headphone detector is also known as the "master invigilator", which is a slightly larger Dod Cell Phone Jammer Rules instrument than a cigarette case. It can detect wireless signals, and can monitor, locate, monitor and record the signals. If someone uses an invisible wireless headset, it can also determine its specific location. cell phone jammer

Dod Cell Phone Jammer Rules Causes the signal transmission to fail. Candidates press their index finger in the fingerprint recognition area, and identity-related information can appear on the display screen to prevent problems such as taking the test on behalf of the applicant. This is a mobile phone positioning monitoring system invented by the students themselves. If the mobile phone is turned on during the test, the positioning terminal system will accurately locate the candidate who is using the mobile phone, and upload the candidate's seat number and personal information to the podium host system within one second. Various metal detectors are used in the examination room to check candidates to prevent cheating tools from appearing.