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Some media call this year's postgraduate exam "the most stringent in history." The person in charge of the Tsinghua University test center said that this year's test questions will be replaced with large packages. Packaged with 30 or 15 test papers per bag in the standard test room, the invigilator must publicly verify the integrity of the package before opening. In addition, Buy Cell Phone Jammer Australia full coverage to prevent high-tech cheating. At the same time, all public classes use answer sheets and use computers to mark papers. Candidates this year are required to paste the "candidate information barcode" issued on the corresponding position of the answer sheet when taking the public exams this year, and the computer will be used to identify the information of the test papers when scanning the papers to prevent them from taking the exam. Finally, this year is strictly implementing the second-generation ID card registration and examination system. Candidates hold second-generation ID cards for the exam. cell phone jammer

The above-mentioned person in charge said that Tsinghua test center used Buy Cell Phone Jammer Australia , ID card identification device, wireless headset jammer and other equipment. At the same time, if there is a questionable candidate who is found on the spot with the examination certificate and his identity, photos will be collected to further prevent the occurrence of cheating. According to regulations, this year, if candidates cheat, they will be recorded in the integrity file of the candidates in the National Unified Examination, and the most severe punishment will be suspended from participating in various national education examinations for 3 years.