Can cell phone jammers cause diseases?

The reporter learned from many departments that in view of the conflict with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Information Industry, the issue of whether to install a cell phone jammer in the college entrance examination examination room of Guangdong Province this year is still under study. Among them, the Guangzhou Admissions Office has made it clear that Guangzhou will not use electromagnetic wave shielding devices for college entrance examinations this year.

According to the Shenzhen Municipal Admissions Office, it is still under study whether mobile phone shielding devices will be adopted in the Shenzhen college entrance examination examination room this year. In addition, the use of this device in the examination room should also take into account factors such as environmental protection, and will not adversely affect the invigilators and candidates for the purpose of strengthening monitoring. To be sure, this year's Shenzhen college entrance examination examination room will use "mobile phone detection dog" invigilation. According to relevant sources, the detectable range of this electronic instrument covers GSM, CDMA, local calls, walkie-talkies and other frequency bands within a certain range. It is a mobile phone signal receiving device, and its use is permitted by policy.

At present, this year's designated examination rooms for college entrance examinations across Guangdong have not yet reported that electromagnetic wave shielding facilities have been installed. The Guangdong Provincial Examination Center stated that the province has established an electronic monitoring system in a considerable number of designated examination rooms. Examination rooms that have not yet established an electronic monitoring system will also take all effective measures to combat and prevent mobile phone cheating. (Ou Jianyan)

If you feel uncomfortable to rest in a ventilated place, the characteristics of the adverse health effects of cell phone jammer are: sudden onset, rapid onset and rapid castration, pulsating pain, and intermittent periods. Experts explained that microwave radiation generated by cell phone jammer has very weak adverse effects on the human body at a distance of 12-15 meters. The farther the candidate's seat is, the fewer adverse reactions. Candidates do not have to be afraid if they are unwell due to microwave radiation. Just take a rest in a well-ventilated, tranquil environment. If the adverse reaction is serious, you can apply a cold compress on the forehead, or go to the hospital for medical treatment, and take appropriate sedatives.