The birth of China's first mobile phone jammer

China Broadcasting Network, Beijing, May 24 news. Like last year, mobile jammers with Powerful electromagnetic signal interference will continue to be used by local examination management agencies as a technical means to prevent college entrance examination candidates from cheating. They will be installed in many examination rooms in June this year.

However, the reporter experienced personally and found that under the influence of such high-intensity radiation, symptoms of dizziness, soft feet, and nausea would appear within 15 minutes. The founder of my country's first cell phone jammer revealed to reporters the secrets of cell phone jammer under the "high-tech" veil.

What is even more surprising is that the laws and policies have clear and strict regulations on the production and use of such radio interference equipment, but the relevant management departments have "collectively lost their voice." What exactly is this for? An insider who has a close relationship with the examination management agency revealed that "everyone knows it well", on the one hand, it is for "work convenience", and on the other hand, because the management department "cannot afford" the units that use cell phone jammer. .

Legal experts pointed out that the relevant departments have made clear statements, but the specific rules lack operability. This is the crux of the problem. Relevant departments or higher authorities should give a final statement on controversial things like cell phone jammers as soon as possible.

A weird instrument with four pointed tentacles and a flat body was activated, and the red light began to flash.

In less than half a minute, the phone in the normal state on the table has no signal;

After 10 minutes, the reporter began to feel numbness in the face and limbs, accompanied by a slight tingling sensation;

After 15 minutes, my head started to feel groggy, and my speech was a little stuttered, I couldn't concentrate on my thinking, my chest became more and more stuffy, and I felt nauseous.

"It won't work, it won't work, Engineer Tang, let's close it first!" The reporter began to "beg for mercy".

Tang Tai laughed: "As expected. But if you are 20 meters away from the radiation range, it won't affect your body. I think we should go out and get some ventilation!" He got up and turned off the Power , the reporter The cell phone also resumes full signal immediately.

The above scene took place on the afternoon of May 22, at the Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory of Tsinghua University. This is a technical research team composed of teachers and students of Tsinghua University. Its founder is Tang Tai. This Powerful thing with four tentacles is a mobile phone jammer that will be installed by the examination management department in some college entrance examination examination rooms. In the summer of 6 years ago, my country's first mobile phone jammer was born here.