Can You Buy A Cell Phone Jammer

All devices that transmit mobile phone signals emit electromagnetic waves. The radiation intensity of Can You Buy A Cell Phone Jammer mainly depends on the transmission Power of the device, the gain characteristics of the antenna used, and the distance between users. Generally speaking, the closer you are to the wireless transmitting antenna, the stronger the radiation. The actual radiation level of mobile phone signal jammers is generally very weak. The transmitting Power of most wireless routers is only between 20~100mW, plus mobile phone interference The Power of each transmitting antenna allocated by the splitter is very small (compared to the currently commonly used GSM mobile phone with a maximum transmitting Power of 2W in the 900MHz band and a maximum transmitting Power of 1W in the 1800MHz band). cell phone jammer

And Can You Buy A Cell Phone Jammer is also relatively far away from the human body when in use, and is not attached to the body like a mobile phone, so the Power value reaching the human body is lower, so correct use is not harmful to the human body. Professional mobile phone jammers have no radiation to the human body, emit little energy, and do not constitute harm.