Cell Phone Blocker Legal Germany Prevents Mass Scams

Whether mobile phone jammers are harmful to the human body and whether they have an impact on the human body has become a hot topic in online and offline discussions. Cell Phone Blocker Legal Germany What exactly is it? How does it work? In response to the discussion on mobile phone jammers, a person from the Ministry of Education gave a clear answer to this question: "The claim that mobile phone jammers are harmful to the human body lacks scientific basis. At present, cell phone jammer is a good means to effectively prevent large-scale fraud." Due to the mobile phone signal The power of the shield is very small (less than or equal to 1W), the range of action is only 20 meters to 30 meters, and the frequency of the electromagnetic signal it emits completely falls within the working frequency band of the mobile phone. The mobile phone stipulated by the state will not interfere with the human brain. affect people's normal thinking. For further verification, the reporter found a cell phone jammer on the table and turned it on. The cell phone and PHS signal suddenly disappeared.

Cell Phone Blocker Legal Germany

India's telegraph law requires government permission before it can interfere with mobile phones and networks, but the sale and use of communication-blocking devices is on the rise. Many companies, individuals, libraries, and entertainment centers are known to sell cell phone jammers under various names in stores and on their websites. Internationally, installing Cell Phone Blocker Legal Germany by a private organization is a problem. According to FCC rules, consumers cannot legally use cell phone jammers in the United States, and retailers cannot legally sell them. However, theaters, restaurants, schools and universities often use jamming devices to block communications. Cigarette cell phone jammers are very useful when going to a nightclub party. With such a fun move, I wanted to avoid glamorous moments and have complete fun without getting boring calls from home. For example, there are many other areas where high-power cell phone jammers may be required. If you are using your favorite cell phone jammer and need to keep it private, you need to make sure to block cell phone calls from your internet service provider.