Cell Phone Jammer Kit Wifi Digital

Now we must stop using mobile phones, and using mobile phones to communicate with the outside world is one of the best ways to control the discomfort of prisoners. Various agencies that effectively help control any unnecessary data transmissions related to prison restrictions. Prisons with special functions Cell Phone Jammer Kit Wifi Digital , they only allow certain mobile phones to work in the prison, and these mobile phones are regulated by the prison authorities. Prisoners will not be able to use mobile phones smuggled into the cell by illegal means. The cell phone jammer in the prison has prohibited unauthorized use of all areas of the prison. cell phone jammer

Today, our factory produces Cell Phone Jammer Kit Wifi Digital for military and prison use, equipped with ultra-wideband frequency bands: CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G GPS WiFi VHF UHF. All frequency bands can be continuous and stuck at the same time. It uses a shock-proof shell design. Easy to move. The military and government approved (optional) integrated backup battery system for continuous silent operation and quick start, it will surprise you. An on/off switch is provided for each independent frequency band. The special radio frequency protection shielding design ensures the safety of users.