Cell Phone Signal Blocker For Cars Blocks Uploading Data

Candidates who violate the regulations will also be disqualified from the college entrance examination. All college entrance examination results are invalid, and further processing will be carried out according to the investigation results. The student is a middle school student in Huangpi District, Wuhan City. On the first day of the college entrance examination, some netizens broke the news that someone took a photo of the college entrance examination paper and uploaded it to the Soukao APP during the math test, and was discovered and reported by the APP staff. The screenshot shows that Wu Moumou's name and seat number are on the photo. The time is 15:46 on June 7th. At this point, there was still more than an hour before the end of the math test. The fact of cheating must be true. In addition, there are Cell Phone Signal Blocker For Cars measures in the college entrance examination room. If there is no signal, where can the network upload data? Why can students successfully upload test questions to the Sotest APP? Whether the cell phone jammer of the examination room is valid or not, these need to be explained.

Cell Phone Signal Blocker For Cars

If strictly enforced, it is estimated that it will be difficult to bring mobile phones into the examination room. Even if it slips through the net, why can you still enjoy wireless network transmission "services" in the college entrance examination room? Therefore, both students, parents and teachers should pay attention to the problem of cheating in the examination room. It's a matter of life and integrity, even an illegal one. If you fail the exam, you can take another year, or go to a slightly worse college and change your life through your own efforts. After all, they are young people. The college entrance examination does not completely determine the future. As long as you work hard, the future is full of infinite possibilities, but don't give way to death. Carry out detailed on-the-spot investigations on the prison environment, topography, landforms, etc., very carefully. The investigation needs to shield the regional environment, understand the actual needs of customers, and design personalized solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out project research and project solution, and solve problems for customers in a scientific and systematic way. Thorough analysis, thorough analysis of local signal distribution and building structure. Using non-universal general equipment positioning, measured with Cell Phone Signal Blocker For Cars series instruments. Choose different composite antennas to organically combine the antenna application principles of different frequency bands.