What Is The Meaning Of Cell Phone Jammer

Mobile phone signal jammers (also known as mobile phone signal blockers, signal jammers, signal isolators, signal interceptors, signal suppressors, mobile phone jammers, wireless signal jammers, conference information security devices) are always at the forefront of the industry . Recently, based on market needs, our company combines the advantages of mobile phone signal jammers at home and abroad, and combines the company’s own technical strength and rich industry experience to develop a new type of intelligent What Is The Meaning Of Cell Phone Jammer, which is currently available in all mobile phone jammers in China. A new generation of mobile phone signal jammers that have been improved on the basis of functions, using ultra-high frequency broadband interference technology, and intelligent remote control switches. The four-channel can independently adjust the shielding range, the interference radius is large, and the effective segmentation can only interfere with the downlink, and will not cause interference to the base station. Imported components and slow-start circuit design can avoid sparking caused by mechanical switches. cell phone jammer It has good working stability and can cut off GSM/CDMA/AMPS/DCS/PHS mobile phone signals within a radius of 5-50 meters, so that the mobile phone cannot make and receive functions.

For the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system, it uses techniques such as frequency multiplication, frequency division, and frequency hopping filtering to analyze the required shielding frequency; customize a spherical shielding space according to What Is The Meaning Of Cell Phone Jammer Power size to make the mobile phone in this space invalid. This mobile phone jammer can be widely used in professional confidential places, professional flammable and explosive places, professional operating places, etc. to disable mobile phones. When the mobile phone jammer is in the working state, it can disable the function of sending and receiving mobile phones within the specified range, and cannot dial out and dial in, so as to achieve the purpose of compulsory prohibition. Party committees (ministries, provincial committees, autonomous region party committees, municipal committees, prefectural committees, county committees) government departments important meeting rooms, military combat organs, staff rooms, confidential rooms, gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil depots, oil refineries, petrochemical bases , Chemical warehouses, hospitals (including operating rooms, CT rooms, critical care units, outpatient clinics), courtrooms, prisons (including pre-trial rooms), public security video and telephone conference rooms, public security confidential fax rooms, examination rooms, classrooms, bidding venues, Memorial halls, museums, television stations, studios, recording studios, theaters/concert halls, financial institutions, high-end hotel banquet halls, public places where loud noises are prohibited, civil aviation administrations, etc.