Cell phone jammers provide a fair chance

cell phone jammer

The 2014 high school entrance examination has been completed for two weeks. It is understood that in order to ensure the smooth progress of the middle school entrance examination, Xinyang City has carefully deployed various tasks and checked the proposed test sites one by one, and did a good job of metal detectors and mobile phone interference. Inventory, testing and debugging
Do a good job in food hygiene inspection and safety protection in places where examinees and test-related staff are concentrated;

Strictly select, hire, train, and manage test staff, do a good job in the security and confidentiality of test papers, and make every effort to create a good test environment for test takers

This year, there were 64,128 candidates who took the exam in Xinyang City Enrollment Examination. In the early morning of the same day, the deputy mayor Cao Xinsheng, accompanied by the main responsible comrades of the Shihe District, the Municipal Education Bureau and other units, rushed to the entrance examination sites such as Shihe Middle School and Yangshan Foreign Language Primary School to check the examination organization work and inspect Examination room environment and examination order. During the inspection, Cao Xinsheng asked all relevant units at all levels to attach great importance to it, carefully organize, carefully deploy, strict examination management, serious examination style and discipline, establish a sense of service, and provide strong guarantees. Mobile cell phone jammer create a harmonious, fair, and A fair competition platform ensures the smooth, safe and orderly conduct of the entrance examination.