Cell phone jammer stomach creates a quiet atmosphere

Now, many young people are used to staying up late. why? Because there are all kinds of entertainment activities now. Especially mobile phones and wireless networks are widely used. As long as there is a mobile phone and WiFi network, many people can easily kill time, including online chatting, playing mobile games and so on. In order to prevent teenagers from staying up late and protect their health, parents need to control their use of WiFi networks and mobile phones. How can this be done? Teenagers are very rebellious and sometimes it is difficult for them to listen to the opinions of others, especially for children who are addicted to mobile games, it is difficult for them to leave their phones.

Movie theaters cannot stop big men from using phones. It seems that it can only rely on consciousness. Of course not, here is a small tool that can help you-cell phone jammer. Mobile jammers can interfere with cell phone signals, so if you use a mobile jammer in a movie theater, people will not be able to make calls in the theater.

cell phone jammer

In this regard, different people have different views. First of all, legally speaking, different countries have different laws on mobile phone jammers. Some countries prohibit the use of jammers, such as the United States, and some countries allow the use of jammers in movie theaters, such as Japan. At the same time, do you not touch the outside world when you watch a movie? Some people will say that they don't mind having annoying people always behind, but when they can't receive any emails, text messages or phone calls, they will think twice. People are also worried that cell phone jammers will affect emergency calls.