The classroom jammer slowly enters the examination room

On September 24 and 25, nearly 30,000 candidates from all over Sichuan will enter the examination room to participate in the annual national judicial examination. The reporter learned from the Department of Justice that the province’s preparations for the exam are basically ready. This year, our province will fully implement the exam security system. Desktop cell phone jammer will be installed in front of each exam room, and the entrance channel of the exam room will be used to check identity information and compare portraits. Candidates, candidates should pay special attention to the time on the admission ticket.

   29,333 people signed up, the number hit a record high

   Sun Xuelian, Director of the National Judicial Examination Office of Sichuan Province and Director of the National Judicial Examination Division of the Department of Justice, introduced that the 2016 National Judicial Examination of Sichuan Province was held on September 24 and 25. This year is an important year for studying and implementing the spirit of the "Opinions on Improving the National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification System" by the Central Office and the State Council. The judicial examination system is adjusted to the transitional stage of the national uniform legal professional qualification examination system. A total of 29,333 people registered for the judicial examination in the province, an increase of 23% over 2015, the highest in history. The 21 cities and prefectures of the province have 18 test areas, 27 test sites (schools), 923 test rooms, and 114 groups of safe identification channels.

   Swipe your face card to enter the examination room, it takes 5-6 seconds

This year, Sichuan will implement “swiping face card” to enter the examination room. Each examination center is equipped with a secure portrait recognition channel. The examinee puts the ID card on the reader, and the system automatically retrieves the examinee information, captures the image, and the registration photo and ID card photo. Perform comparison, confirm the candidate's identity information, and display the comparison result instantly. The entire process takes 5 to 6 seconds.

   In addition, all 17 examination areas in the province use standardized examination rooms, and each examination room implements video surveillance, and the whole process is recorded and recorded and backed up. Each test center is equipped with a series of technical defense equipment such as radio signal monitoring vehicles, test room signal jammers, metal detectors, etc., to strictly prevent electronic technology cheating and plagiarism cheating, so that cheating has nowhere to hide.

  6 types of behavior will be banned for life

  Sun Xuelian introduced that this year's "Criminal Law Nine (Amendment)" included cheating in examinations and taking examinations as crimes for the first time. The recently announced "Decision on Amendments" further refines the determination of cheating in examinations. It is clear that candidates who have cheated and take the test in six categories are not allowed to register for the national judicial examination for life.

These six types of behaviors include: "Use cheating equipment to receive or send information related to the content of the test during the exam", "Organize cheating, or provide cheating equipment or other assistance for others to implement organizational cheating", "Cheating for the implementation of exams, illegal Obtain test questions and answers" or "Illegally sell or provide test questions and answers to others" and "Replace others to take the test or let others take the test on their own."