Communication link between wifi jammer device and network

IMSI catchers insert themselves into the mobile communication network by "spoofing" the mobile jammer devices in the area where they are just another BTS (base station transceiver) with a strong signal, so the devices communicate through them, believing that they are directly with the BTS Communication. Cellular network. They are an important part of many law enforcement agencies, and they continue to evolve with the advancement of cellular communication technology and the improvement of the equipment's own security measures. As the network develops, its security protocols are also developing. In order to be able to play the role of the "middleman" and communicate between the bluetooth jammers device and the network, it is necessary for the IMSI-catcher to "talk" the device to communicate through the older and less secure network. In addition to just "capturing" the IMSI number, smarter devices can also send a "silent call" to the device to identify the phone number associated with the device. It can be inferred from the name that silent calls cannot be detected by users, and they still do not know that their communications can now be monitored or even manipulated.

A jammer is a device that produces electromagnetic noise. These electromagnetic noises will occupy a frequency, so that the Power is too large, destroying, deceiving or concealing the electromagnetic signal transmitted on it. For different devices and signals, there are different jammers and jamming technologies. For example, in order to suppress communication on a wifi network, you can choose from a variety of available wifi jammers. You may find that there are many reasons for wanting to generate noise through a wifi jammer, and they can all be attributed to one. Establish control of communication and ensure that only certain types of communication are enabled. Nowadays, various devices use Wifi to communicate. In fact, since you are connected to a wifi network, you may be reading this article. However, in ordinary households, not only devices with screens can communicate through wifi networks. Alarm systems, security sensors in cleaning robots and their base stations, storage of digital photos and even smart climate control may all be connected devices.