The continuous expansion of the application range of signal jammers

With the continuous expansion of the application range of signal jammers, the number of signal jammers used continues to increase. Signal jammers have also become an important part of the security field, and the demand for integrated signal jammers has been generated in many projects. For a long time, signal jammers work independently, and only need to be turned on and off simply. Some cell phone jammer that require computer networking management generally only provide RS485 communication interfaces. With the widespread popularity of TCP/IP networks, the RS485 communication method can no longer meet the requirements of development. Connecting the signal jammer to the TCP/IP network, conducting centralized network management, and establishing a system management platform are the development direction of the jammer. How to connect the original RS485 communication signal jammer to the TCP/IP network in the simplest way? Frun Microcontroller provides a complete chip-level, module-level and finished-product solutions for the shielding device according to the characteristics of the shielding device.

  Using Frun’s FlashNET network technology to connect the signal jammer to the TCP/IP network has the following advantages:

  Easy installation and wiring: Nowadays, the integrated network wiring has been completed in many occasions, and the existing network interface can be directly used for access without rewiring;

   Convenient management: Remote management through centralized management software, to know the working status of the jammer at any time and adjust the parameters;

Improve compatibility: FlashNet adopts the TCP/IP MODBUS ASCII international standard communication protocol, so that your signal blocker has the MODBUS ASCII standard communication protocol, so that third-party software integrators can integrate the system and provide standard open communication for the integration of weak current systems Interface and protocol are directly integrated into the configuration software of the intelligent building control BAS system;

  Cross-platform: FlashNet provides TCP/IP Socket, supports traditional Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++Builder, Delphi programming SDK development. In addition, WebSocket and FlashSocket are also provided to support HTML5 and Adobe Flash cross-platform Web applications. With HTML5 and Flash, you can connect to signal jammers for monitoring using Android tablets, set-top boxes and Android TVs, which greatly reduces the implementation cost of system integration;