Knowledge of radio jammers in order to prevent electronic equipment from being brought into the examination room

The 2021 national postgraduate entrance examination will be held from December 26 to 28, 2020. All the research and examinations in our province are arranged in standardized test centers. The test centers are equipped with identity verification terminals, metal detectors, radio signal jammer and video surveillance equipment. The test centers and test centers implement video invigilation simultaneously.

   None of these things can be brought into the examination room

  The regulations of our province prohibit candidates from bringing their own stationery. The examination room is uniformly equipped with black gel pens, 2B pencils and erasers for test takers. Candidates put it back in the original place after finishing and storage. Candidates are strictly prohibited from taking out the stationery provided. During the examination, if there is an abnormality in the stationery, the examinee can ask the invigilator to change it. In the self-proposed subject test, you should bring the necessary equipment as indicated on the admission ticket by the enrollment unit. If the candidate needs to bring other equipment to enter the venue and the admission ticket is not indicated, contact the enrollment unit in time.

Candidates are not allowed to bring any books, newspapers, manuscript paper, pictures, materials, tools with communication functions (such as mobile phones, camera equipment, scanning equipment, etc.) or electronic supplies with storage, programming, and query functions, as well as timing tools (such as watches), or alterations. Liquid, correction tape, drinks and other items enter the examination room. Stationery, supplies, etc. are not allowed to be passed on in the examination room. If there are mobile phones among the items placed outside the examination room, please turn off the phone.

   Entry starts 30 minutes before the test starts

   Candidates take the test with their own admission ticket and ID card at the specified time and place. After entering the test center, you are not allowed to stay outside the test room, and you must actively cooperate with the invigilator to conduct the examinee's identity verification check, security check, and personal belongings check.

   Start entering the venue 30 minutes before the start of the test. If you are seated, you must put your admission card and ID card in the upper left corner of the table for verification. The front and back sides of the admission ticket shall not be altered or written during use. After receiving the answer sheet, answer sheet, test paper, draft paper, and personal information barcode, you should fill in the name, candidate number and other information accurately and clearly within the specified location and within the specified time, and carefully check the content on the information barcode to confirm that it is correct Paste it in the specified position on the answer sheet. In the event that there is a "test paper barcode" on the test subject test paper, the candidate should take out the "test paper barcode" and paste it on the designated position of the answer sheet (objective question page). Missing barcodes, missing (painting), wrong filling (painting) or illegible writing will affect the results of the assessment.

   If errors in the distribution of test papers, answer sheets, and answer sheets are found, as well as problems such as illegible handwriting, missing prints, reprints, missing pages, etc., you can raise your hand to ask the invigilator before the start of the test, and you are not allowed to automatically use the test paper materials of the missing candidates.

  The answer must be a pen of the same type and color

   The test time is subject to the signal issued by the test center. Candidates who are late are not allowed to enter the examination room to take the examination after 15 minutes. Candidates are not allowed to hand in papers before the exam is over.

   Candidates should answer the questions outside the sealed line of the answer sheet or in the area specified on the answer sheet. It is not allowed to answer questions with pen and paper other than those specified. Answers written on draft paper or outside the specified area will be invalid. Do not make any marks on the answer sheet and answer sheet, otherwise the marks will be treated as the mark and the results will be invalid. Only pens of the same type and color can be used during the answering process. Examination papers, answer sheets, answer sheets, and draft papers are not allowed to be intentionally damaged or taken out of the examination room.

   After the end of the test signal is issued, candidates should immediately stop writing and stop answering questions. The test papers and answer sheets of the national unified proposition subjects are placed on the table and collected by the invigilators one by one. For self-proposed subjects, the test taker will put the test papers and answer sheets (some subjects are answer sheets or answer sheets) into the original test paper bag, seal the bag with a sealing strip and sign at the seam of the sealing strip. Only after the invigilators have checked one by one, can they leave the examination room one by one.