Electronic signal jammer prevents cheating

On July 7, the national college entrance examination was opened, and over 10 million candidates entered the examination room. I don’t know that there are some “black technologies” hidden behind every college entrance examination, which protects the efficiency and fairness of the college entrance examination. The 21st Century Business Herald reporter detailed the "black technology" behind the current college entrance examination.

   In response to cheating, the first "black technology" used in the college entrance examination was an electronic signal jammer. Many criminals have used electronic wiretap as a cheating tool, so some companies began to study electronic signal jammer to shield surrounding signal transmission and reception, WiFi frequency bands, etc., to block the exchange of information between electronic devices inside and outside the examination room.

   For example, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom will release information during the college entrance examination.

  The door is required to turn on signal jammers at all test sites. The specific manifestations are inability to make and receive calls, access to the Internet, unsuccessful information transmission and reception, etc., and return to normal after the test.

As cheating methods are upgraded, so are anti-cheating methods. According to reports, in order to ensure the fairness and fairness of the national education examination, the 2020 Liaoning Provincial General College Entrance Examination will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect suspected violations of the examination. This is the first time that AI technology has been applied to examination behavior analysis in China.

AI anti-cheating is mainly through the artificial intelligence system to quickly analyze and judge the video files of all examination rooms in a short time, and detect the suspected violations of the candidates, and the examination staff at all levels will further screen the suspected violations detected by the system Make judgments and deal with them in accordance with relevant regulations.

In order to ensure the safety near the examination room during the college entrance examination, many provinces have begun to use cruise drones and cruise robots. In order to solve the problems of monitoring blind spots and excessive patrol ranges, cruise drones and cruise robots have been put into use.

During the college entrance examination this year, Zhejiang Sanmen used drone patrol control for the first time, and Guangdong also used patrol robots again to help the college entrance examination achieve a three-dimensional video surveillance system. For example, a patrol robot can analyze the situation through comprehensive face recognition, license plate recognition, big data analysis and other technologies. Once a criminal is found, it can trigger an alarm and notify the surrounding police.