Eliminate electronic products in the examination room

Cheating seems to be a temporary benefit, but over time it hurts my study. Stop cheating. Cheating is like a drug. Once you taste the sweetness, you can’t extricate yourself, but its consequences are also terrible.

1. Others learn well because of cheating, so don't be envious.

The teacher once had a student who did well in every exam. The teachers thought he could open a good university, but the college entrance examination results that came out finally surprised the teachers and parents. As a result, the classmate said that he cheated every time in the exam. What a pity!

The result seems to be the score on the paper, but it should be a true reflection of your knowledge. Through a quiz, you can see what knowledge you currently have and what knowledge needs to be further consolidated, so as to guide you on how to study next. This is the essence of the exam.

Cheating is the most harmful to oneself. Cheating for a long time, the results of the roll face are good, but the teacher sees this student’s achievements, and naturally thinks that this student has no academic problems, and forgets it over time; parents see the child’s good grades and naturally smile. I also think my child's grades are fine, and I don't care about it. Just like a time bomb buried in the sand, it will explode on the day of the college entrance examination!

2. It is completely impossible to cheat on the day of the college entrance examination.

1. Eliminate all electronic products before the exam, and also install signal jammer, whether you want to use a mobile phone or a tablet, there is no signal.

2. There are several security checkpoints for the exam, and the probability of entraining exam materials is extremely low

3. There are two examiners before and after an examination room. The examiner is staring at the candidates, and it can be said that your small movements are very obvious to the teacher.

do you understand? No matter how many times you have succeeded in cheating before, you will be exposed until the day of the college entrance examination, and it will be too late to regret! Moreover, cheating on the college entrance examination is illegal and will be included in the integrity record, causing serious adverse effects!

Three, the harm of cheating

1. Cheating is not conducive to the reputation of the school: cheating forms a culture, the grades in the class are false, the school has no way to detect the real teaching results, and it is difficult to find a way to improve the grades if the problems cannot be found in time, which will affect the admission rate!

2. The unfairness caused by cheating to others: The biggest principle of the exam is fairness and justice, but there are always some people who rely on their own cleverness to gain benefits, but you simply get the fruits of others' hard work. It is also an extremely unfair phenomenon.

3. Cheating destroys your life: If you cheat one or two times if you are not caught, it seems like you have tasted the sweetness, but when you develop a way of thinking of playing clever to get big benefits, you will ruin your life. Often walking by the river, how can you not wet your shoes, as long as you are caught once, the civil service examination will not be with you. Moreover, the current loans are just taking advantage of some people's greed for small profits, and some people owe as much as millions!

Four, work quietly by yourself

As a classmate, you can persuade your classmates to cheat and tell them the negative effects of cheating. If the persuasion fails, then try secretly by yourself. If you have any questions, ask the teacher with a book. The teacher will not look down on you first, and will not laugh at you second. Remember, do things down-to-earth and be innocent.