Mobile phone jammer interrupts signal transmission

A few days ago, the Beijing Olympic Games began the final countdown, and the Olympic communication guarantee work has also entered the sprint stage. According to the reporter's understanding, in the in-depth management and guarantee of Olympic communications, the issue of mobile communications jammers has once again surfaced. The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has also repeatedly reported this issue to relevant departments. At present, relevant departments are carrying out final rectification of such devices as mobile communication signal jammer. The relevant legal person said that further improvement of regulations is the basis for the supervision and management of such equipment.

It is reported that this type of mobile communication jammer is also called a mobile phone signal jammer, which can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, so that it cannot detect the normal microwave signal data sent from the base station, and loses the connection with the base station within a certain range. , So as to achieve the purpose of prohibiting the use of mobile phones. When the mobile phone is shielded, it shows the phenomenon of searching the network, no signal and no service system. In fact, the appearance of mobile phone signal jammers is not new. In 1999, mobile phone signal jammers were produced, mainly used in oil depots, military, security agencies and other important places in the country for security protection.

   With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, uncivilized mobile phone calls have increased, and some claims to protect the public civilized environment have been repeatedly emphasized. Based on this market demand, mobile phone signal jammers began to move towards civilian use. In recent years, jammers have been installed in densely populated public places to eliminate the interference of mobile phones on the environment. This has been recognized by some people, but some people believe that this is an infringement of personal communication rights.

   The reporter randomly interviewed several spectators walking out of a theater in Beijing. Some people think that the original intention of installing a jammer is good, and they don't mind that the cell phone signal is blocked, but can't accept the ringing of the phone in the melodious music. However, some people said: "This approach is inappropriate. Blocking cell phone signals without reason is an infringement of citizens' rights. Signal blocking may delay important matters. Once a situation occurs in the venue, it is impossible to even call for help."

   The staff of the administrative office of the theater told reporters that the installation of mobile phone signal jammers is mainly to stop uncivilized phone calls in the venue, maintain a good audio-visual environment, and protect the interests of most people. When asked whether there was a warning slogan to block cell phone signals in the venue, the staff member only replied vaguely: "Our staff will remind the audience to turn off the mobile phone ringtone when entering the venue.