Everyone needs to have a quiet time

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Everyone hates turning off their phones at inappropriate times, such as movies, classrooms, funerals (especially for those with pleasant disco ringtones), and of course religious services that people think of. Kenyan Muslims are overjoyed to find a cell phone blocker device that can block the signal of the mobile phone: Imam of Kenya has long complained that the mobile phone is in...

Imams in Kenya have long complained that their phones rang continuously during prayers, interrupting services. Imam Hassan Kithiye said that he bought the machine in Dubai and was well received by the congregation. A BBC reporter in northeast Kenya said other mosques near Garissa town are now trying to raise enough funds to buy their own equipment. If a mosque rings during the prayer ceremony, they will impose a $3 fine on the fiancee. However, Imik Sheik Abbi-Azziz Mohamed told the BBC that this failed to solve the problem.

"We used to use that tyrant's method, but it didn't work. Some people are so poor that they can't even afford airtime. We can't expect them to pay," he said. This is an effective solution, but still cannot answer my question: "Why does every mobile phone user over 40 forget the small compromise called "vibration"?"