GPS jammer makes driving recorder useless

Why is the dash cam, which is very popular in China, "banned" abroad? With the rapid economic development of our country, cars have entered every household. Although cars are very common nowadays, everyone still loves them very much after buying them. They will buy some related accessories for their cars. They are also very keen on car dash cams. After buying a car, many people will buy dash cams in addition to some of the necessary supplies for the car. After all, in China, the situation of touching porcelain frequently occurs. It was to prove his innocence that he began to install a large number of car recorders. But why is it banned on a large scale abroad? Are there many GPS Jammers abroad that make the driving recorder useless?

This is because although in our concept, the driving recorder is only used to prove whether there is a real violation of traffic regulations and to prevent the phenomenon of "bringing porcelain", however, some foreign governments do not think that the driving recorder is only used by drivers to record traffic images. Yes, they think that the images of these dash cams may involve the privacy of others. This point of view may be incomprehensible to many people. We are only used to shoot roads. How can there be a half-centre relationship with the privacy of others? But in fact it does have a lot to do.

In the United States, some states allow the use of driving recorders, and some states also prohibit the use. Of course, those countries and regions that allow the use of the information will regard the prohibition of the disclosure of personal information as the most important point. At present, in Germany, more and more drivers use dash cams, but the protection of personal information has always been strengthened, and the voice of prohibiting the use is very high. The trade-off between the image value of the driving recorder and the protection of personal information is something that Germany needs to consider carefully in the future, but the emergence of GPS jammers has successfully attracted the attention of a group of people.

The popularity of domestic driving recorders has benefited from the rise of some Chinese and a special group, as well as the shortcomings of the domestic human society. There is no need to say more about touching porcelain. There is no recorder. It is not clear that it is not clear. What is more harmful than touching porcelain is that the domestic law enforcement environment is easily affected by various aspects. For example, if a traffic accident occurs, the other's brother-in-law is employed in a certain unit. This accident is likely to make you change from a non-responsible party to a responsible party, or a secondary responsible party to become the main responsible party. Some things everyone knows.