GPS jammer shields the signal on the car

The man Du, a native of Yunnan, rented a small car from a local car rental agency during his trip to Guilin for a self-driving tour. After driving for a few days, he felt that the car was in good condition, so he wanted to sell the car for money. He asked a friend to help on the Internet. I bought a GPS Jammers to shield the signal on the car, and then drove to Kunming, Yunnan Province to sell it at a low price. Recently, Du was prosecuted by the Procuratorate of Lingui District, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

On April 19, 2016, Du came to Guilin from Wuhan. He planned to rent a car to start a self-driving tour. Then he found the phone number of a car rental company in Lingui on the Internet and called the car rental company owner Zhao Mou for consultation and reservation A Honda Accord sedan with a local license plate. Three days later, Du came to the car rental company and used his ID card and driver's license to go through the car rental procedures. The boss saw that Du was a foreigner, so he left a bit more thoughts and didn't hand over the driving permit of the car to Du.

After renting a car, Du visited many scenic spots. After several days of car experience, Du thought that the car was in good condition and that it should be a good price if it was resold, so Du asked his friend to help buy a GPS signal online. Jammer. On April 25 of the same year, Du used a GPS jammer to shield the GPS signal on the rental Honda Accord, then drove out of Guilin and arrived in Kunming, Yunnan Province the next day, intending to sell the car. Through a friend, Du found Zhao who was in the business of buying mortgage cars, saying that the Honda Accord was a mortgage car and wanted to sell, and lied to Zhao that the car’s driving license was lost and the mortgage procedures were not taken with him. Zhao believed Du's remarks and published the sales information of the car on his WeChat. After Zhao introduced, Du sold the car to Jiang in Gejiu City, Honghe Prefecture for 42,000 yuan. Because Du failed to deliver the vehicle driving permit, Zhao asked Jiang to pay only 37,000 yuan to Du, and deducted 5,000 yuan to be held by Zhao. About half a month later, Zhao learned that the car was actually a car rental company's car, and immediately contacted the buyer Jiang to discuss countermeasures. The two finally decided to park the car in the underground parking lot of a community in Kaiyuan City, Honghe. Then notify the police to pick up the car, and then the public security organ will return the car to the victim.

   It was identified that the Honda Accord car was worth RMB 108,693. After the trial, the district court held that after Du signed a car rental contract with others with his own ID card and driver's license, he concealed the leased car and illegally disposed of it during the performance of the contract, and at the same time escaped and defrauded the other party's property and amount. Larger, his behavior has constituted the crime of contract fraud. Defendant Du was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison and a fine of RMB 50,000.