GPS jammers stop crooks

cell phone jammer

Some people say "yes"; for example, many people who use mobile phones don't care about what's happening around them. Especially for drivers, distracted driving is too dangerous. Or information about "workplace conversations" won't get paid when you wipe out candies or play any other video games on your phone. The need to communicate is also a beautifying way to support the use of mobile phones. GPS jammers should be legalized in public libraries, schools, colleges, etc. (at least legal in classrooms). When the vehicle is driving, the vehicle should be equipped with a GPS Jammers(automatically activate the kill switch when an accident is detected when not driving), gears, etc.) Some people say no. For example, even in the most uncomfortable places, people always need to communicate. The legalization of cell phone complaints will simply enable private organizations to decide whether they want people to be able to use cell phones when visiting facilities. This will cause various problems.

Schools in China and India use car GPS jammers to deter scammers. Mexico allows riots in churches and hospitals. The main client bank wants to prevent potential hamburgers from contacting employees and plans to use the Mexican government in prisons. Pakistan was allowed to block banks and libraries. Canada believes that this situation can be avoided under similar circumstances. However, Industry Canada is responsible for overseeing telecommunications activities in Canada, claiming that the device may infringe on personal freedom and affect security and law enforcement agencies to undermine public safety. We have decided to oppose this move. Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and other countries, have allowed police and prisoners to use interference.