How do you detect mobile phone jammers? How do they work?

cell phone jammer

It depends on the complexity of the mobile phone jammer. The use of cell phone jammer that deliberately transmit in cellular frequencies is usually illegal, although some accidental transmissions may occur, just as sparks from a failure of a central heating thermostat can interrupt your analog radio.

So, what are the symptoms that indicate that a paper jam is occurring? Indoor coverage may be unreliable because the signal may be blocked by the wall of mobile phone jammers, the barbed wire forming the Faraday cage (including "fake" lead windows) and the insulating layer involving metals (such as tin foil) blocking/interference. I will also check with a friend who uses mobile phones on different operators (and frequencies) to see if they get the same effect, and try to force the phone to use only 2G or 3G for positioning. problem.

If you have other symptoms that make you suspicious, then I suggest you use a suitable frequency scanner and perform a direction detection to check whether there is transmission in the cellular band, the time and location of the transmission, and whether it is different from your transmission direction Local cell phone tower.