Install WiFi jammers in the examination room to prevent cheating

This year, the province has 27,077 invigilators and 560 inspectors, covering all test sites in 16 states and cities. This year, in addition to no more on-site inspections by leading cadres, the noise of invigilators pacing back and forth in the examination room will be alleviated. Li Yunbao, deputy director of the Kunming Education Bureau, told reporters that this year, invigilators in all test centers in Kunming cannot wear loud-soled shoes, which allows candidates to have a quiet exam atmosphere. At the same time, they are not allowed to bring mobile phones. Examination rooms have installed a large number of wifi jammer.

This year, the province will increase the prevention and crackdown on organized and premeditated gangs cheating, taking or taking exams, and using modern communication methods such as mobile phones and radio equipment to spread harmful information and endanger the safety of exams. Aiming at the prevention of fraud in mobile communication tools, on the basis of giving full play to the role of wireless signal detectors and metal detectors, 6 test areas in Kunming have used wifi signal jammers. At the same time, it worked closely with the Kunming Radio Management Committee Office to use wireless signal detection vehicles to monitor some test sites in Kunming.

In response to problems such as rain, flooding and traffic congestion, all examination areas in Kunming have set up emergency work leadership groups to take active response measures against possible H1N1 influenza, traffic congestion, natural disasters, etc. Emergency response plan for such emergencies. Among them, the traffic plan for the exam sites of Kun No. 3 Middle School, Guan No. 1 Middle School, and the Yunnan Experimental School of Beijing University Affiliated Middle School has been announced to the public through the traffic police department. Each test center has also specially prepared stools and tables. Once it rains and floods, it will quickly build a bridge for the candidates.