The role of the jammer is to prevent others from spying on the owner without permission

Since almost all communication is conducted through the air, it is easy for us to understand those who believe in conspiracy theories, which track all of us and can monitor all calls. The fact is, whether it is happening or not, this is certainly possible, thanks to the increasingly advanced technology called IMSI-catchers. Whether in the hands of "good guys" or "bad guys," IMSI catchers are usually deployed cautiously (without advertising to the world that you are trying to "monitor their phones") or the cooperation of cellular operators. Therefore, significant progress has been made in how to hide and transport them and how to operate them with little or no human intervention. Of course, the larger they are, the stronger the signal and the larger the detection range. More complex models can monitor various active devices and target-specific IMEI/IMSI numbers, but some people do not want to be monitored by IMSI, so they adopt mobile cell phone jammer devices to prevent them from being monitored privately without the permission of the owner.

The younger generation has grown a lot of "signal pollution", and they are willing to welcome various interference technologies to help eliminate them. At home, they are using cell phone jammers to better control their lives. These devices can define quiet "no phone zones" to improve the quality of life. In many households, each person has 1.5 devices, so it is difficult to have meaningful conversations with all these screens. Young parents realize that the intimate relationship of family dinners is in danger of extinction. To avoid conflict, they turned to cell phone jammers to enforce "dinner time" and help rediscover "phone discipline." In the workplace, organizations are gradually learning that protecting sensitive proprietary and personal data may require them to use WIFI jammers around the office, thereby providing security by preventing data leakage or theft. The exponential growth of drones and their sometimes harmful purposes have persuaded safety-conscious professionals to deploy drone jammers as standard operating procedures to protect people and places.