Jammers can be offensive weapons

Signal jammers come in various shapes, specifically designed to jam specific signals, and can be used in different situations. Jammers can be used for offensive attacks, to destroy before or during the attack, or to defensively destroy signals around the target and prevent any long-range signal attacks. The working principles of these jammers can also be very different. Some of them brutally flooded a wide range of frequencies and large geographic areas, while others specifically destroyed specific frequencies for specific reasons. For example, in recent years, with the help of complex software packages, drones have changed from a nerd hobby to a legitimate tactical threat and nightmare to personal security personnel.

The younger generation has grown a lot of "signal pollution", and they are willing to welcome various interference technologies to help eliminate them. At home, they are using cell phone jammer to better control their lives. These devices can define quiet "no phone zones" to improve the quality of life. In many households, each person has 1.5 devices, so it is difficult to have meaningful conversations with all these screens. Young parents realize that the intimate relationship of family dinners is in danger of extinction. To avoid conflict, they turned to cell phone jammers to enforce "dinner time" and help rediscover "phone discipline." In the workplace, organizations have learned that protecting sensitive proprietary and personal data may require them to use Wifi jammers around the office, thereby providing security by preventing data leakage or theft. The exponential growth of drones and their sometimes harmful purposes have convinced safety-conscious professionals to use drone jammers as a standard operating procedure to protect people and places.