The law does not allow the existence of mobile phone jammers

When the reporter asked the staff member to verify whether there are signal jammers in each examination room and whether the invigilators conduct security checks on the candidates, the staff member replied, “All our examination rooms are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. Candidates must go through very strict security checks before they can enter the examination room. This must be the operation."

On the evening of December 17, in response to the situation reported on the Internet, the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute responded on its official website and learned of the online information of "Suspected leaks in the Jiangxi Provincial Art Radio and Television Director General Examination for General College Admissions in 2019", the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination The court attaches great importance to it, promptly contacted the public security and other relevant departments to initiate an investigation, and will deal with it seriously in accordance with laws and regulations based on the investigation results, and the relevant progress will be announced to the public in a timely manner.

At noon on December 18, the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute announced the latest investigation progress on the suspected leaking of the compile and guided entrance exam: it was initially determined that the examinee was cheating in the examination room. The relevant parties have been locked down and the relevant situation is under further investigation. Relevant departments will, based on the facts of the investigation, indicate that the parties did use mobile cell phone jammer, and in accordance with national laws and regulations, deal with the parties concerned and resolutely maintain the fairness and justice of the national education examination.