Many Combinations Of Jammer Frequencies On The Market

As you may already know, there are actually many different types of signal cell phone jammer with various combinations of jammed signals. However, most areas of the mobile phone signal jammer market are full of the most popular multiple interference frequency combinations, and it is difficult to find jammers with rare interference frequency combinations.

In order to deal with this situation, a desktop mobile phone jammer and a desktop UHF VHF jammer can be used at the same time. This Powerful combination will allow you to block all necessary frequencies immediately. However, if you want to use a jamming device, check out this multi-frequency desktop jammer, which will block all mobile phones and some UHF bands, but VHF is not included. Therefore, the choice is entirely your choice. In any case, I hope your small situation can be successfully resolved, it depends on your decision and the use of the jammer;)

I am very interested in mobile phone jammer equipment, because there is no electronic countermeasure that can block all the radio spectrum frequencies from 3 Hz to 300 GHz. This is a general signal jammer or even a protected area for a transmitted signal simulator. This part can be understood. The technology still needs sufficient development. A simple device whose size will block all frequencies.