Mobile jammer is the best device to isolate information

Confidentiality means safety. Confidentiality is not only related to the vital interests of each candidate, but also related to the credibility of the government and social justice. Confidentiality is no small matter. The personnel examination agency of our city uses mobile cell phone jammer as the outermost layer of protection through practical and meticulous confidential work, and greatly improves the level of confidentiality risk prevention and control in our personnel examination.

1. Improve political positions and strengthen confidentiality education. Focusing on strengthening theoretical arms, enhancing awareness of anxiety, preventing and resolving exam risks, ensuring exam safety, etc., it combines daily safety and confidentiality education with personnel exam staff warning education month activities, and carries out diverse and rich learning activities to make Every staff member firmly establishes a sense of secrecy, so that the alarm bells keep ringing.

2. Improve rules and regulations and standardize confidentiality management. Formulate "Examination Paper Confidential Room Management Measures", "Examination Question Bank Management and Confidentiality System", "Examination Questions Management Measures", "Personnel Examination Duty System" and other systems, and set up, print, transport, handover, and keep key aspects of test questions Carry out standardized management to ensure exam safety.

3. Pay close attention to key links and implement confidentiality measures. Arrange for more than 2 people to carry the test papers in a special car, so that people do not leave the papers, and the papers do not leave the people. The handover of the test papers strictly follows the inspection procedures. After the test papers are stored in the secret room, two or more people will be on duty 24 hours a day, equipped with video surveillance, and strictly enforce the registration management system of test papers in and out of the warehouse. Pay attention to the confidential management of the electronic test question bank. The question bank is kept in a secret room, and the Internet connection is disconnected during the test. Insist on training before examination, clarify job responsibilities and operating procedures, and require all examination staff to sign a "Confidentiality Commitment", clarify the confidentiality obligations and responsibilities that should be performed, and implement the avoidance system.

Fourth, increase investment in technical defense and improve the level of confidentiality. Equipped with radio signal monitoring vehicles, mobile phone signal jammers, metal detectors, ID card recognition devices, face recognition devices and other equipment in the examination room to prevent high-tech cheating. At the same time, strengthen the physical isolation and shielding of basic data and sensitive information, and do a good job in network security protection to prevent hackers from intruding.

5. Strengthen supervision and inspection to eliminate hidden dangers of confidentiality. The confidentiality department is regularly invited to inspect and accept the examination paper confidentiality room and obtain a certificate. For important exams, the confidentiality department is invited to supervise and inspect the delivery, inspection, and distribution of test papers, and the public security department is invited to assist in escorting the test papers. Actively invite the discipline inspection and supervision department to supervise the examination work.

In the next step, we will continue to in-depth study the new situation, new tasks, and new problems of the personnel examination in our city, comprehensively and dynamically sort out the confidentiality risk points of each link of the examination, put forward feasible measures, and continuously improve the confidentiality risk prevention and control of the personnel examination in our city Network system.