Mobile Jammer Blocks Google Glass Apps

I have heard of the application for Google Glass, and also heard that it uses advanced facial recognition technology. Does it look really dangerous? Could someone use it against me? If so, how can I stop it? You can use a cell phone jammer to block it.

You are absolutely correct, MedRef is an application of Google Glass that can recognize a person's face and obtain information about that person. We, at, may tell you that this application is mainly for hospitals and doctors, working with patients will save some time, because one application will be able to provide him with a complete clinical record, including all allergies Reaction and current important singing, such as his heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.

However, if you are familiar with the Google Glass Project, you should know that it is for public use, and such applications will definitely appear. Project Glass has many privacy issues, and one of the features of the device is to provide relevant information about what the user is viewing. The same is true for people. With this facial recognition technology, any Glass user can identify you and get all the data you have in your social network account. This is a terrible means of theft, so we need to use a mobile phone jammer Block it.

The solution is simple, as long as Glass uses the vulnerable 2,4 GHz connection, it will also be vulnerable. In fact, Google Glass is just a headset with a monitor and camera. It uses your smartphone to access the Internet and maintain communication with the outside world. It uses a Bluetooth connection, and you will be able to make this gadget useless and harmless with a simple Wi-Fi signal jammer. The important thing is that the phone can still be used and you will not cause any problems to anyone.