Mobile jammers are prohibited to be used in crowded places

A weird instrument with four pointed tentacles and a flat body was activated, and the red light began to flash. In less than half a minute, the phone in the normal state on the table had no signal; 10 minutes, the reporter began to feel numbness in the face and limbs, accompanied by a slight tingling sensation; 15 minutes, the head began to feel dizzy and talking I actually stuttered a bit, unable to concentrate, my chest became more suffocated, and I felt a little nauseous. "

Recently, at the Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory of Tsinghua University, reporters from the Legal Daily experienced the tremendous "Power " produced by mobile cell phone jammer. What made Tang Tai, the chief engineer of the laboratory, the inventor of the domestic mobile phone shielding instrument unexpected, was that this kind of jammer, which was basically used by special departments, was widely welcomed by the examination management agencies in various places. Following last year, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, etc. After the provinces and cities have installed them in some test centers, this year Gansu, Jiangsu, Nanjing and other provinces and cities are also preparing to install them in various test centers. According to reports, most of the researchers in the laboratory will experience similar conditions under this intensity of microwave radiation for half an hour.

Tang Tai, chief engineer of the Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing Morning Post that because the radiated microwave frequency is very high and the intensity is relatively large, it is harmful to human health within a certain distance and range, including brain nerve cells and eyes. Lens and male reproductive system. According to laboratory testing, within 20 meters of the radiation range of mobile phone jammers, 90% of people will experience physical discomfort in about half an hour. Tang Tai said that researchers must wear protective clothing when entering the laboratory.

"I particularly dislike the use of shielding devices in the examination room. Some local education departments are very irresponsible." Tang Tai told reporters that since 2004, he has reminded him not to use jammers in the examination room at various educational examination system meetings. , It turns out that more and more areas are used. Tang Tai said that mobile jammers should not be used in crowded places. After all, cheating in examination rooms is a minority, and examination institutions cannot install this kind of equipment that hurts all candidates for work convenience.

Wu Fengchen, spokesperson and deputy dean of the Beijing Municipal Education Examination Institute, confirmed yesterday that mobile phone shielding devices will not be used in the city's high school entrance examination this year.

A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education Examination Institute stated that it is necessary to strengthen the organization and management of the examination with the help of modern technology such as mobile phone shields to prevent and block criminals from spreading test questions and answers through mobile phones.

It is understood that starting from last year, this city has used cell phone jammers in pilot tests for national education examinations such as adult college entrance examinations and self-study examinations. But Dean Wu said that this is only a pilot, and whether it will be fully promoted has not been finalized. However, this year's high school entrance examination room will definitely not use shielding instrument