Mobile jammers are very important in information theft

At the Ninth China National Defense Information Equipment and Technology Exhibition held recently, a series of domestically made anti-secret products have become the focus of many people in the industry. The reporter interviewed Beijing Zhixin Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of anti-secret stealing equipment and technical services, to bring you the highlights and essence of the exhibition site.

The biggest highlight of the anti-eavesdropping and anti-candid camera devices exhibited this time is the localization and innovation. They include Wi-Fi pinhole camera detectors, visible light eavesdropping detection systems, nonlinear node detectors, mobile phone security gates, and smart spectrum Analyzers, signal analysis locators, electromagnetic space long-term monitoring equipment, mobile phone management and control systems in secret places, 5G smartphone cell phone jammer, etc. So where are these products "new"? Let's follow the lens of our reporter to experience the new highlights brought by the new domestic anti-theft products.

This briefcase-like device is actually an intelligent spectrum analyzer. Its special feature lies in the innovative integration of 4G/WiFi signal intelligent analysis capabilities into intelligent spectrum analysis equipment, which fills up the demand for domestic spectrum signal search and analysis. Aiming at the possible eavesdropping and eavesdropping device signals in the secret-related environment, this device not only has basic signal monitoring functions, but also can realize the qualitative + location of 4G/WiFi suspicious signals. At the same time, the new product is equipped with an electromagnetic fingerprint library. The basic information of more than 3000 known signals can help inspectors to qualitative signal sources and analyze signal characteristics.

At the scene, we experienced this newly developed mobile phone management and control system for secret locations. In response to the mobile phone control needs of highly secret-related places such as the military, party and government agencies, and scientific research institutes, Beijing Zhixin Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd. has innovated and developed a mobile phone control system that can be flexibly deployed and controlled. Staff introduction: "This system innovative application of flexibly deployed nodes and hosts are connected to the management and control backend, forming a 6*6 square meter control space on the exhibition site. When you enter this area, mobile phone signals will be blocked by mobile jammers. , Your mobile phone number, IMSI and IMEI detection code can all be mastered and controlled.” It is reported that the system is based on high-speed screening processing technology, multi-node coordinated positioning technology, and intelligent management and control processes to distinguish and discover unauthorized mobile phones in a timely manner. The mobile phone control screen is visually presented on the large screen, so that unauthorized mobile phones can be controlled, located, and eliminated quickly and in time.

This mobile phone security gate attracted a large number of visitors to try it out at the National Defense Exhibition. Different from the common security gates in other occasions, it does not inspect metal objects or explosives, but has chips for electronic devices that may be brought into secret places, including mobile phones, voice recorders, video cameras, cameras, camouflage cameras, etc. Of theft equipment for accurate detection. We conducted repeated tests on the mobile phone we carried. After testing, the security door of this mobile phone can identify and alarm regardless of whether the phone is in standby, off, on, battery removal, SIM card removal, etc. High accuracy and low false alarm rate have been recognized by many industry insiders.

In the interview, we learned that Beijing Zhixin Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional anti-eavesdropping, anti-candid shooting technical service and security inspection service provider, has gradually formed a product development and security inspection service based on more than ten years of deep cultivation in the TSCM industry. To the full-cycle service system that integrates consulting services and technical training, it is through many years of accumulation and precipitation that a batch of domestically-made self-controllable anti-secret equipment has been developed.

"While product R&D is continuously advancing towards independent innovation, Beijing Zhixin Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd. has been working hard for many years to create a full-scale integrated service model, building a full cycle from consulting and evaluation to safety inspection, safety protection, safety technology training, etc. Security service system, and build a technical professional and experienced anti-secret technology team." Zhixin Tianyi’s booth manager said. At present, Zhixin Tianyi has served customers in various industries such as government, public security, military, finance, telecommunications, transportation, and electric Power . It is believed that in the future, Zhixin Tianyi will continue to provide independent and controllable information security with more innovative technologies. Guaranteed.