Mobile Jammers Can Also Block Wireless Signals

A smartphone that can be connected to the Internet is connected to a mobile phone base station (base station) via radio waves, and transmits voice, characters, and images to the other party through the communication line. It supports convenient life. Communication is possible within a radius of several kilometers. This is a kind of wifi interference, which emits radio waves, which is essential for wireless communication. However, many problems have also occurred. Someone was talking loudly in the car. Someone walks while typing cell phone mail. In this case, I want to block the phone signal. I want to disable the signal. The interfering device has arrived. I use a cell phone jammer to block radio waves on the train. In the blink of an eye, the radio waves disappeared and you can no longer use it. The problem is radio interference in public transportation. Therefore, the correct use of jammers is very important. Using mobile phones is a problem. Place devices that interfere with mobile phone radio waves. It was introduced after getting tired of customers. The device emits interfering radio waves. It may emit enough radio waves to interfere with the call. This will worsen the radio waves received by the mobile phone. Your phone will not be able to make or receive calls. This type of mobile jammer exceeds the "weakness" stipulated in the Radio Law and requires a license.

cell phone Jammers

At work, many employees use mobile phones for long periods of time. You need to install a cell phone jammer in the office. Manage employees as a boss. It is difficult to improve work efficiency. In order to improve the work efficiency of office workers, employees are required not to use mobile phones. This rule is strictly regulated. However, it does not work. Many people sneak into their smartphones. Mobile jammers can help solve this problem. Using this product, employees will not be able to shop or play games on the Internet. This is to block all signals. The product has a wide range of applications. According to the signal strength of the designated area, it can block up to 30 meters. If you don't want to affect other areas, you can use its adjustable function to adjust the cut-off radius. This mobile phone can be used because it interferes with the office. It will not affect other areas. You don’t have to worry about heat dissipation. This function is equipped with a cooling fan. Want to get an office interference device that can suppress all signals on your mobile phone? Take this opportunity to take a look at the Wi-Fi radio circuit breaker.