Mobile jammers have become illegal tools for criminals

Ma Hongzhe said that there are currently three crimes involved in the college entrance examination: illegally obtaining state secrets; illegally producing and selling special espionage devices such as eavesdropping and photos stealing and mobile cell phone jammer; illegally using special espionage devices such as eavesdropping and photos stealing.

   He said: The "528" criminal gang knows that the college entrance examination paper is a state secret, so they do not touch the test paper and answers to avoid committing the crime of illegally obtaining state secrets; they only produce mobile jammers that sell cheating equipment. And these equipment, whether it is a walkie-talkie or a car station, are allowed to operate as a single operation, and they can be combined into spy equipment.

The reporter’s investigation found that companies that produce mobile phone jammers “only sell the equipment and do not provide answers, so they have been fine.” At present, there are several criminal suspects that are difficult to deal with. They only do part of the industry chain. Obtain illegal gains. "Ma Hongzhe said that the existing laws are not enough to constitute a deterrent, and the "Examination Law" urgently needs to be promulgated. Ma Hongzhe said that criminal gang members come from seven provinces. Therefore, to completely solve the problem, it is necessary to form a unified national prevention and control network.