Mobile jammers make exams fairer

On December 9, the Baotou Judicial Bureau organized and carried out the 2020 administrative law enforcement personnel qualification certification examination. After review by judicial administrative organs at the municipal and district (banner and county) levels, 997 city-wide administrative law enforcement officers who met the reference conditions took the qualification examination in four sessions. The passing rate of the new law enforcement personnel qualification certification examination at the city level was 86.67%.

It is understood that the Municipal Bureau of Justice has innovatively launched online qualification certification training. Relying on the "Law Propaganda Online" platform, the Baotou Judicial Bureau has carried out online training for the qualification certification of administrative law enforcement personnel. The training is managed by a points system. The trainees can take the mock exam after they have accumulated 2000 credits and 20 hours. Print the training certificate. As of November 20, 1,026 people have passed the online training. Supervise and urge reference personnel to download the Law Enforcement Yitongxing APP, study carefully and prepare for the exam through online answering questions and simulated test papers.

According to the staff of the Administrative Law Enforcement Coordination and Supervision Section of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the examination, mobile cell phone jammer have been installed in each examination room. The Municipal Bureau of Justice has formulated an epidemic prevention and control work plan during the examination, and strictly follows the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control regulations and It is required to be equipped with disposable surgical masks, face recognition thermometers, alcohol disinfectants, sprayers and other prevention and control items, strictly implement the "scan code + temperature measurement" of candidates and invigilators, and all personnel wear masks throughout the entire process, and eliminate them inside and outside the examination room. kill.

The Baotou Administrative Law Enforcement Personnel Qualification Certification Examination Center is a standardized examination room. The examination room has a mobile phone signal jammer, a full-angle, high-definition camera, all-round real-time monitoring and retrospective inquiry; for possible Power outages, abnormal logins, etc. For emergencies, make emergency plans, test mobile jammers, Power facilities, and computer settings in the test room in advance, and reserve 10-20 spare seats to ensure the smooth progress of the computer-based test.

Wu Hongli, a staff member of the Baotou Taxation Bureau who passed the exam for the first time, said, “There are inextricable links between legal provisions. Taking tax as an example, tax law enforcement is not just about knowing tax-related laws, but all aspects. I must be familiar with the law. Passing the online qualification certification training and qualification certification exams allows me to keep in mind the various legal terms, and in the process of applying it, I can make my work faster and more efficient.” It is understood that the next step, Baotou City Justice Bureau and Baotou City The Light Industry Vocational and Technical College cooperated to build the Baotou City Administrative Law Enforcement Personnel Examination Center, to carry out normalized qualification certification examinations and training, and to improve the efficiency of administrative law enforcement certificates.