Mobile jammers specifically target new signals

The police said the suspects researched advanced mobile jammer equipment every year to crack down on the surge in equipment prices

  According to Xinhua News Agency, on May 28, Jilin Songyuan police seized a case of producing and selling cheating equipment for college entrance examinations. The police said that these equipment manufacturers first studied the screening system of the examination room and then developed new cheating equipment, making the former useless.

   Producers first study mobile cell phone jammer equipment

"The gangs that were killed this year, the production and sales of cheating equipment are all aimed at the most advanced third-generation jammers on the market. The wireless transmission frequency bands used are all below 400 MHz, and the shielding instrument we used in the college entrance examination room this year, All shielded are wireless signals above 400 MHz, which makes the shielding system useless.” said Ma Hongzhe, deputy head of the domestic security detachment of the Songyuan Public Security Bureau.

  According to the suspect's account, they buy the most advanced mobile jammer devices on the market through formal channels every year, and then directly develop new types of cheating equipment against these devices.

   "From a technical point of view, this kind of crime is difficult to prevent because the suspect is studying you." Ma Hongzhe said.

   lie in the ear, hard to find cheating equipment

Compared with previous years, this year's cheating equipment can definitely compete with "spy" equipment: the receiving device is a small ear pulse, which is difficult to find when it is inserted into the ear; the receiving device is in a rubber or ruler. Dig a small hole, put the circuit board in, put a rubber sleeve on the outside, just like ordinary rubber, and because of the use of resin and other materials, metal detectors are difficult to detect.

   The cheating industry chain involves all exams

   During the investigation of the "528" case, the Internet police of the Songyuan City Public Security Bureau discovered several QQ groups and obtained passwords from the suspected population.

Ma Hongzhe said that after entering these QQ groups, he found that exam fraud has become a huge industry. From producing and selling cheating equipment to selling test questions and selling answers, a one-stop industrial chain has been formed, involving CET-4, CET-6, and college entrance examinations. , Civil servants, etc., all exams have corresponding cheating networks. Developers, producers, and sellers not only use online mail orders, but also have forums to communicate and discuss product performance.

   Police crackdown caused equipment prices to soar

   In addition, of the 16 suspects in the Songyuan "528" case, more than half are highly educated, most of whom are freshly graduated college students, as well as graduate students in the computer science department.

   "The production and sale of cheating equipment is faster than drug money." Ma Hongzhe said. The latest mobile jammer equipment seized by Songyuan before the college entrance examination this year, the best configuration cost less than 2,000 yuan, but it can be sold for seven or eight thousand yuan in secret transactions. Because of the crackdown by the public security department, Songyuan's cheating equipment once caused a big price increase in the black market. "Usually sold for more than 3,000 yuan to 178,000 yuan."

   A set of first-hand answers can be sold for 500,000

"From what we know, in this industry chain, equipment wholesalers earn less, and those who sell answers earn more." Ma Hongzhe introduced that one set of online answers can be sold for 500,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan per subject. yuan.

  The person who sells the answers will organize an answer group, and the answers can be completed within tens of minutes after getting the test questions, and then through a method similar to the group text message, within three to five minutes, it will be spread across the country. The answer can be sold again, and the seller can design completely different mistakes to avoid the same volume.

   Express delivery of all cheating tools

   According to the website provided by Songyuan Police, cheaters can choose Alipay, face-to-face transactions, cash-on-delivery and payment-to-delivery transactions, and have six bank accounts including construction, industry and commerce. These cheating tools are all mailed through China Post's "EMS" express mail. The production company said that it has signed an agency agreement with China Post.