Mobile phone jammers maintain public order

Cell phone jammers can effectively prevent cell phone leakage, explosion and noise interference, and are mainly used in secret gathering places, gas stations, prisons, important inspections, hospitals, theaters, etc. cell phone jammer-the purchase of its product is called "mobile phone signal shielding device", and another shortlist for the purchase of the State Secrecy Bureau Jincheng Confidential Company is called "mobile phone signal isolator", which is to separate the good from the bad on the market Jammer products. "Mobile phone jammers can only buy Power amplifiers in the market initially, which interfere with normal communication frequencies to prevent mobile phone base stations, while shielding equipment is a protocol level set in mobile technology, just like the mobile phone established between the base station and the mobile device. A fake base station, the real network does not know the status of the phone."

cell phone jammer

The cinema is a place for leisure and relaxation. It has become one of the places where people will come in their leisure time. It has become more and more people's choice among major large-scale movies that have premiered at home and abroad. We can enjoy wonderful music and exciting movies in the theater, which will relieve our frustration and make our daily habits more regular and healthy. Of course, during this period of time, there will always be a lot of unpleasant things that affect our leisure activities. They are mainly cell phone ringing. The ringing of the phone is not a civilized behavior, there are some uncivilized behaviors, and so on. More and more theaters are beginning to install Powerful cell phone jammers for cell phone ringtones.